3 Powerful API Security Solutions

In the digital age, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become vital to business operations, enabling seamless communication between applications and providing users with easy access to data and services. However, this convenience also comes with risks.

Why Do You Need API Security Solutions?

APIs can leave your organization vulnerable to various attacks, including poor access control attacks, broken or missing authentication attacks, injection attacks, and API abuse. 

Here’s more information on each of these attacks: 

  • Poor Access Control Attacks: These attacks will occur when an API fails to enforce access rights correctly, potentially allowing unauthorized users to access sensitive data or perform actions they shouldn't be able to.
  • Broken or Missing Authentication Attacks: In these attacks, threat actors can impersonate legitimate users if the API lacks proper authentication mechanisms, leading to unauthorized access and potential data breaches.
  • Injection Attacks: These attacks occur when bad actors can input malicious code into the system via the API, potentially leading to data theft, corruption, or even system takeover.
  • API Abuse: This happens when an attacker uses the API as intended but for malicious purposes. For example, they might use a system's API to send thousands of requests per second, leading to a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.

Understanding your API vulnerabilities is not just a cybersecurity best practice but an integral part of your organization's cyber resilience. You can significantly enhance your organization's security posture by identifying common vulnerabilities and learning how to safeguard your APIs against these threats.

Power of API Security

API security solutions are designed to address these vulnerabilities and protect your APIs from malicious attacks that lead to potential data breaches. With advanced security measures in place, you can prevent these threats and ensure the safety of your data.

API security solutions, such as API penetration testing and API Gateways, can further enhance your API security. API penetration testing involves simulating attacks on your APIs to identify potential weaknesses that attackers could exploit. On the other hand, API Gateways increase the security posture of systems using public-facing API endpoints by providing a central location to manage security, ensuring all API traffic passes through a single, monitored point.

Moreover, adhering to the practices suggested by entities like the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) can help you identify common vulnerabilities and learn best practices to safeguard your APIs against these threats.

API security is not just about protecting your APIs but also about unlocking their potential. By ensuring your APIs are secure, you can focus on leveraging them to drive business growth and innovation.

We often suggest a few powerful API security solutions to customers: Noname API Security, Traceable API Security, and Zscaler. 

Noname API Security Platform 

The Noname API Security Platform is a comprehensive API security solution designed to provide robust API security. It offers a range of features that make it a powerful tool. The Noname platform has three key components: discovery, posture management, and runtime protection, enabling it to secure your APIs. First, discovery involves identifying all the APIs within your organization’s infrastructure. The discovery phase will help you identify potential security risks. Second, it has a component of posture management, which verifies if your APIs follow API best practices, have any vulnerabilities, and are correctly configured. Posture management involves regular audits and assessments to ensure your APIs maintain a strong security posture. Third, this API security solution has a component of runtime protection. The runtime feature monitors API traffic in real-time to identify malicious activity.

In addition, the Noname API security platform offers distinct benefits, such as versatile deployment options, integration with existing infrastructure, and compliance maintenance. First, the platform supports various deployment models, including cloud-hosted, self-hosted, hybrid, and distributed deployments. Second, the API security solution has pre-built connectors for multiple services such as Akamai, AWS, Azure, Citrix, Cloudflare, Kubernetes, MuleSoft, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, etc. This helps you leverage your current infrastructure, enhancing your efficiency and effectiveness. Another benefit of the platform is that it enables you to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements, data residency rules, and internal policies.  

The full benefits of the platform can be found here:

Traceable API Security Platform

API security from Traceable identifies and tests APIs, evaluates API risk posture, stops API attacks, and provides deep analytics for threat hunting and forensic research. As an API security solution, it works through a series of steps to ensure comprehensive API security. The first step is discovery and security posture management. The platform provides automated and always up-to-date discovery of all APIs, including unknown, shadow, orphaned, and outdated APIs. It helps manage API sprawl and notifies you of any API changes. It also maps your application topologies and data flows, including connectivity between edge APIs, internal services, and data stores.

Another component of the Traceable solution is threat protection, which is real-time protection against API attacks and abuses. The API security solution can automatically detect where hackers gain access to sensitive data and provide guidance on how to respond and shut down attempted data theft. In addition to threat protection, Traceable provides threat management. The Traceable API security solution enables intelligent, contextual API security. Context-aware API security offers a deep understanding of your API’s design and unique business logic.  It provides complete API protection, including security posture management, threat protection, and threat management, across the entire Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). It also includes comprehensive lifecycle API protection. Full-lifecycle API security that supports shift left security and DevOps initiatives through production.  It provides unparalleled visibility into every API, including those that might be hidden or overlooked. It also offers enterprise-grade protection against even the most insidious API attacks and the ability to find potential threats across your entire API ecosystem instantly.

The full benefits of the platform can be found here: 

Zscaler Security Platform

Zscaler provides API security through its Zscaler Internet Access (ZIA) product, part of its comprehensive cloud-native zero trust platform. Zscaler's approach to API security involves a combination of zero trust access, advanced cyber protection, complete data protection, and robust access control. Regarding API security solutions, Zscaler operates through a series of steps to ensure comprehensive API security and offers numerous benefits.

Zcaler’s product, the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange™, acts as a switchboard, requiring all user, workload, and device connections to go through the secured Zero Trust Exchange. ZIA leverages the Zero Trust Exchange platform and ecosystem to provide integrated cyber protection, data protection, and access control services. These services eliminate the need for point products and provide comprehensive API coverage with cyber threat protection.

The benefits of Zcaler’s ZIA for API security include data loss prevention because ZIA safeguards your data across all channels—internet, cloud, endpoints, email, SaaS, and private apps—with zero-configuration data protection. This holistic approach to data protection eliminates the need for point data protection solutions. As a comprehensive platform, it can also eliminate costly, complex networks with fast, secure, direct-to-internet, and SaaS access that removes the need for edge and branch firewalls. This results in significant cost savings and reduced complexity. ZIA also provides fast connectivity, which ensures the best user experience with local breakouts to the internet and SaaS apps.

The full benefits of the platform can be found here: 

Each of the three API security solutions provides unique benefits. Determining the right solution for your organization requires the right expertise. GenuineXs partners with all three API security solutions providers and can guide you in the right direction. Contact one of our IT and cyber experts today. 

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